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My buddies at Dogwood Gaming ( http://www.dogwoodgaming.com )  have done it ! They have released early copies of  their brand new game PDPD ( Private Detective Punch Drunk ) for this contest on Twitch.
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Follow the instructions in the “Telegraph”
Cut off is 11:59 PM EST Sunday the 19th of November

Have fun !

The Illusion of Life and the 12 principles of animation

I have started a video series on the 12 principles of animation and while doing so I thumbed through this ” must have ” book that I cherish. Turns out it is still sold today ( check below )

The authors Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of Walt Disney’s original “9 wise old men” put this book together back in the day.
They worked on productions such as Snow White and the Rescuers
They were part of the original animator crew working for Walt and coming up and refining the principles that we know today as the “12 principles of animation”

Did you know that John Lasseter ( Pixar ) was a student of both Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston while studing at CalArts ?

Anyway, if you love the tradition of animation and want to learn about the 12 principles of animation from it’s source you should check it out…
Link to book on Amazon : http://amzn.to/2i5wBUf