3D Artist in College ? Here is how you can save a lot of money…

Saving money !

As a 3D Artist in College costs are high and the budget is usually tight.
Well actually, I think this applies to basically any college student…

Well anyway, here is a post that will save you a bundle on a yearly basis so keep reading !

Ever heard of Amazon ? You know, that little online shop 🙂

Well, they have a thing called Amazon Prime Student.
It is basically a monthly subscription that will get you a LOT of benefits as long as you are a member.

How do you qualify ?

If you have a valid student email address ( basically an email address ending in . edu ) you are good to go.

What does it cost ?

The first 6 months are totally FREE
After that you pay $ 49,95 a year as a student ( normally it is $99 but students get 50% off )
So that’s basically the price of one cup of coffee a month…..

OK, so less that $5 a month… what do it get for that ?

Well, you might want to sit down for this one, it might take a while.

  • A free subscription to Twitch ( for all you game and live stream  lovers out there )
  • Instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows that you can watch on your smart tv, tablet, phone etc at NO additional costs.
  • Unlimited E-reading on any device like thousands of books, current magazines, comics, Kindle singles etc.
  • Unlimited listening to audible series
  • Free and Unlimited ! photo storage in the Amazon cloud
  • Get 30 min early access to online select lightning deals and beat the crowd to it.
  • Get free 2 shipping on over 50 million articles with NO buy minimum. So even an order of $1 will be shipped within 2 days and for free. So you never have to leave your chair again 🙂

And the cool thing is, if you sign up then Amazon will throw a few bucks my way, so you are not only getting a bunch of cool things but you are supporting your favorite YouTuber, at no extra cost to you, at the same time !



  • Disclaimer : I can and will not be held responsible in any way for results of 
    information in this post being incorrect or changed since posting this by Amazon or its affiliates
  • To my knowledge Amazon Student prime only applies to US students

Brand New Gameplay trailer coming soon !!!

A brand new game by Dogwood Gaming

The gang at Dogwood gaming are going it again ! After successfully launching “Ashes of Kanaka” on Steam last April they now have proudly announced that they will be launching the brand new Gameplay trailer for their latest game PDPD ( Private Detective Punch Drunk ) soon.

If you want to meet the gang behind the game, check out their about page on http://www.dogwoodgaming.com

About PDPD ( Private Detective Punch Drunk )

You are Private Detective Punch Drunk (PDPD) and you have been summoned to take down this evil video game corporation that has robbed the greatest gaming heroes of their treasures. It is a 3D side-scrolling beat-em-up game.
If you do not want to miss a beat, stay tuned and follow this website for updates.

Mike Hermes

Exciting Game news, major update on Ashes of Kanaka

If you have been living under a rock for the last few years and don’t know who Dogwood Gaming is then let me tell you that they are an exciting young crew, based in Maryland, and working on games like they mean it !

Their moto is “By Gamers for Gamers” and they not only talk the talk…..

They released “Ashes of Kanaka on April 26th and promised they would listen to you, the gamer.

Now, just a few months later they took your valuable feedback and released a major update today ! The game dynamics have changed. At start up you will have companions and new story lines have been added.  Well, I guess you just have to check it out for yourself 🙂

And as they are grateful for your help and want to give back to the gaming community they have decided to launch a 30% discount “Game Update Celebration” starting today.

So check them out on Steam and show them some love


Link to Steam :Ashes of Kanaka