Q: How do I export an nCloth object properly ?

Now keep in mind, we are talking about exporting an nCloth object and not an nCloth simulation. And in fact, by the time we export it, it is no longer an nCloth object.

Step 1 Create your nCloth object ( in this case a table cloth )


After creating your nCloth object go to Edit-Delete by type – History and
Modify – Freeze transformations

Step 2 Open your Outliner ( Go to Windows – Outliner )


In the Outliner select everything related to your nCloth and delete it ( nCloth, Rigidbody etc ) After you have done this you will see your original shape pop up as well ( and we don’t want that )


Step 3 In the Outliner click on Display-Shapes
Then click on the + button to display the shapes


Leave the shape node Outputcloth and delete the pPlane shape.

Step 4 If you haven’t already deleted the nucleus then type this into the command line :
select -r nucleus1; and hit Enter.

Now when you export this object as an FBX and open it in another application it will holds it shape.

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