What do YOU want ?

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A big Happy New year to all of you MH Tutorials viewers and supporters !
A new year has started and new and exciting things can be expected on my channel. More modeling and texturing videos but also animation, lighting and rigging videos.
As my channel exists to help beginning and intermediate artists ( you ! ) I would like to ask what you want to see more ( or less ) on my channel.

So let me know

1. Box modeling
2. Spline modeling
3. Nurbs modeling
4. UV Mapping
5. Texturing with 2D files
6. Texturing with shaders
7. PBR texturing
8. Baking ( Normal maps, Light maps etc )
12.Software reviews
13.Book reviews
14.Site reviews
15.Modeling challenges
16.Anything you would like to add

7 thoughts on “What do YOU want ?

Add yours

  1. Happy New Year Mike. You’ve put up here that your looking for some suggestions. I noticed that the BlendShapes has changed quite a bit in 2016. If you have time and are knowledgeable about this area, a tut or 2 would be much appreciated.
    Cheers & Thanks again for your GENEROUSITY!!!



  2. Please keep on posting more tutorials 🙂
    I appreciate anything from 1 to 11 in your list, as your tutorials really help me getting around Maya. I hope it’s as much fun for you to make the videos than for me to watch them!
    Happy New Year!


  3. hello mike, happy new year, thank you for uploading all the tutorials, i’ve learn a lot of maya and modeling with you videos, and i hope that you can make more tutorials about baking and textures and tutorials about other rendering software like vray or renderman and their materials.


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