And the winner is…….. Theodore Aggelopoulos

The MH Tutorials / Dogwood Gaming 3D modeling challenge has been concluded, the votes have been counted and the jury has spoken….    and the winner is Theodore Aggelopoulos from Greece.

So the challenge was pretty straight forward. Model a 3D version of a famous building or structure located in the country where you currently live.

The winning piece, the Parthenon in Greece

A short interview with the winner

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Theodore Aggelopoulos, I am 37 years old and I live in Athens, Greece. I studied Interior and Industrial Design in a two year course in Greece, and soon after I took lessons for one year in an Architecture school in the UK. I spent the following years painting.

So how did you get into 3D art and where did you get your 3D training ?

In 2014 I enrolled on a two-year course in Graphic Design and Illustration. There, I discovered the digital arts and I was highly taken with 3D modeling. Since the completion of this course, I have focused on 3D modeling and I am trying to develop my skills through on-line courses and tutorials. Occasionally, I take photography seminars since I consider this essential and contributing to my effort and  progress in 3D modeling. The 3D Modeling Challenge by M.H. Tutorials and Dogwood Gaming was a great opportunity for me to improve and test my skills.

Out of all the buildings in Greece, why did you choose the Parthenon ?

Reading about the ancient Greek civilization for years, gradually has had a great impact on me as it has shaped my overall mindset and attitudes towards life. As the Parthenon has been the capstone of this civilization and one of the most influential buildings in history, I came to decide that that was the building I should model. But it would serve one more cause, that is what better chance could I had been given to gain more insight and thoroughly study the way it was constructed.

What is your ultimate 3D goal to achieve ?

My most ambitious and desirable goal concerning 3D is to be creative within the areas I enjoy most and those are movies, architecture and transportation design.

What is your next challenge ?

At present, I aspire to study closely and in more depth the origins of modern architecture and that is why I intend to model some of the most significant buildings of the 20th century starting with the “Falling Water” by Frank Lloyd W.


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