My Photos finally have a home 🙂

After wandering the streets for years and having nowhere to stay my
photos finally have found a place they can call home.
They now live at :

There they can be visited, and at a fee you can even take them home with you
to hang on your wall or display on your desk.


The MH Tutorials logo on an “iron on patch” now available for sale.

Size 2,75 inch square ( 7 x 7cm )
Cost : $ 10 including packaging & shipping
How to order ?
Send $10,- to Paypal : while mentioning patch and list your full address for shipping ( or email that address to the same e-mail address )


My LOGO explained..

Now I admit that I was a bit surprised getting
the question “Is there a meaning behind your logo ?” after using it for so many years.

I never though that anyone would ask but it is a great time to finally explain I guess 🙂

The red color represents the heart, the soul and the source of creative thought..
The square point towards the polygons used in 3D modeling and the white in the letters ? A blank canvas to capture whatever you may come up with.

Well, now you know…..


If you are active in the 3D ( or related ) business and want to get your business / brand / product in front of a half a million relevant people every month then contact for more information about the opportunity

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Over the years people have asked me over and over…  Where’s your Merch ?
Well, here it is… the one, the only… official MH Tutorials T-Shirt..    TADAAAA !!!

Link to Merch




My YouTube channel MH Tutorials just hit 70.000 subscribers and for that
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I went on this journey with my eyes wide open and never expected to be able
to reach or impact so many people.

Stay tuned for when I reach 75.000 subs as that will trigger a cool giveaway…
So don”t miss it !

Link to my channel :



After visiting a local amusement park here in the Netherlands called the “Efteling”
Website :
I noticed how cool the lamp posts were positioned in the park.

So I decided that I would use that inspiration to create my own.
Check out the tutorial !  Link :




The Animago Award & Conference, one off the premier events in Europe related to animation, 3D, visualization and visual effects will be held in Munich , Germany on October 25th and 26th 2018 in the Gasteig
Link to their website

I had the opportunity and honor to speak at the 2017 event on the topic of
“How to make it in the 3D world as a Free Lance artist”

This year, at the 2018 event I have been invited again and have accepted the invitation to speak.
My subject will be “Story is King”
If you want to learn more about the event or want to attend, please check out the Animago website.
Link to their website




As a 3D & photography tutorial creator I use a lot of gear and here is some of it !
( This is by no means a complete list but I will update and add when I can )

Camera Gear
Canon 750D ( aka Rebel T6i ) for on the road stuff :
Canon EOS M10 for tutorial capture :

Lenses and tubes
Nifty Fifty Canon 50mm f/1,8 STM
Canon 24mm f/2,8
Altura 8mm f/3,0 fisheye
Tamron 70-300mm for Canon
Macro tubes

Tripods and such
Manfrotto 055 Camera tripod for studio
Manfrotto Tripod Head MHXPRO-BHQ2 XPRO

MEFOTO Tripod for travel
Manfrotto Tripod for travel MKB-FRA4-BH

Camera Light Softbox I use for tutorials:
Captur Timer Kit ( remote ) :

Zoom H4N Pro for capturing Audio

Bags, Backpacks and luggage
My PeakDesign Messenger bag
My PeakDesign BackPack
LowePro Nova AW200 II


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