Q : How can I move the pivot point of a model in Maya ?

Well, there are two ways to do this.

  1. Select your model in object mode and hit W or click on the Move tool.
  2. Hit the INSERT key ( the move tool indicator now changes )
  3. Move the pivot point
  4. Hit the INSERT key again to get back to the original position.

The second way to do this is :

  1. Select your model in object mode and hit W or click on the Move tool.
  2. Hold down the D key ( the move tool indicator now changes )
  3. Move the pivot point
  4. Let go of the D key once your pivot point is in the new position.

Q: What does the number of rays do in the Ray trace Shadows do ?

When using Ray trace shadows on a light there is a setting to choose a number of rays. What do they do and what is it for ?


Answer : The slider shows a value between 1 and 40.

The higher the value the cleaner the edges of shadows will be. It will however impact your render time. So choose a value that has an acceptable quality but also an acceptable render time.

Q: Where is the Viewcube in Maya 2016 ?

If you can’t find the Viewcube in Maya it is usually caused by one of two reasons :

  1. It is not turned on :
    Go to the top menu and select Display – Heads Up Display – Viewcube


  2. You are using Viewport 2.0 renderer.
    In Maya 2016 the ViewCube will only show when using Legacy default Viewport or Legacy High Quality Viewport


Q: I would like to get “formal” online training. Any suggestions ?

Hi there,

Well besides reading books, checking out YouTube tutorials and practicing it is always good to get some kind of formal training. Now if you are not in the opportunity to follow art college ( or don’t want to ) there are some options.

One of the options that I like is Lynda.com. There is a wide range of tutorial material available from Maya to 3DS Max and from Blender to CINEMA4D

They also offer free trials.

Click on the logo below to check them out


Q: How do I export an nCloth object properly ?

Now keep in mind, we are talking about exporting an nCloth object and not an nCloth simulation. And in fact, by the time we export it, it is no longer an nCloth object.

Step 1 Create your nCloth object ( in this case a table cloth )


After creating your nCloth object go to Edit-Delete by type – History and
Modify – Freeze transformations

Step 2 Open your Outliner ( Go to Windows – Outliner )


In the Outliner select everything related to your nCloth and delete it ( nCloth, Rigidbody etc ) After you have done this you will see your original shape pop up as well ( and we don’t want that )


Step 3 In the Outliner click on Display-Shapes
Then click on the + button to display the shapes


Leave the shape node Outputcloth and delete the pPlane shape.

Step 4 If you haven’t already deleted the nucleus then type this into the command line :
select -r nucleus1; and hit Enter.

Now when you export this object as an FBX and open it in another application it will holds it shape.

Q:Why does my object rotate funny ?

In the rotation tool ( see red arrow on the left ) you have the option in the menu ( arrow right ) to select either object or world mode orientation.

If your object isn’t rotating the way you think it should it is likely that you are in object mode while you want to be in world mode


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