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Brenden and Brain

After changing majors in college and looking to the future at what could be, I saw myself pursuing a dream. Becoming a digital science major has really helped aim my sights at the reality that could be and that is of a 3-D artist. This pursuit could not have been assisted more than by Mike Hermes. Mike Hermes is a freelance 3-D artist, photographer, and coach to all who love modeling and other forms of computer imagery. I often watch his Maya and Substance Painter tutorials on YouTube. I have to say that there would be no way I could have learned the fundamentals to modeling as quickly as I did. I’m fortunate to say that he has helped me go above and beyond what I thought was possible as early as I am into my career in 3-D.

Here is a link to his YouTube channel where he posts…

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Exciting Game news, major update on Ashes of Kanaka

If you have been living under a rock for the last few years and don’t know who Dogwood Gaming is then let me tell you that they are an exciting young crew, based in Maryland, and working on games like they mean it !

Their moto is “By Gamers for Gamers” and they not only talk the talk…..

They released “Ashes of Kanaka on April 26th and promised they would listen to you, the gamer.

Now, just a few months later they took your valuable feedback and released a major update today ! The game dynamics have changed. At start up you will have companions and new story lines have been added.  Well, I guess you just have to check it out for yourself 🙂

And as they are grateful for your help and want to give back to the gaming community they have decided to launch a 30% discount “Game Update Celebration” starting today.

So check them out on Steam and show them some love


Link to Steam :Ashes of Kanaka


Artist initiative #Letsdoitdifferent

It is hard enough to make it as a young artist in the industry without people dumping on you, calling your work rubbish and telling you “Your work is a joke” As nowadays online is the way to go, they have no choice but to jump in….

As I deal with art students on a daily basis I know they get discouraged by this so I have created an initiative called “Let’s do it different”

If you are responsible for a Blog, Website, Forum, YouTube channel or any other platform where people can “dump on others” then please leave a below saying :

“We will not tolerate bullying, racism, sexism and any other disrespectful behavior”

Leave a link to your website where you have posted this pledge.

The link to your pledge will be shared on

Please share, thank you !

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