Artist initiative #Letsdoitdifferent

It is hard enough to make it as a young artist in the industry without people dumping on you, calling your work rubbish and telling you “Your work is a joke” As nowadays online is the way to go, they have no choice but to jump in….

As I deal with art students on a daily basis I know they get discouraged by this so I have created an initiative called “Let’s do it different”

If you are responsible for a Blog, Website, Forum, YouTube channel or any other platform where people can “dump on others” then please leave a below saying :

“We will not tolerate bullying, racism, sexism and any other disrespectful behavior”

Leave a link to your website where you have posted this pledge.

The link to your pledge will be shared on http://www.mhtutorialsyoutube.com

Please share, thank you !

Mike Hermes
MH Tutorials
3D artist, YouTuber


Creators that support the initiative :
Drago Creations : www.dragocreations.com