Artist initiative #Letsdoitdifferent

It is hard enough to make it as a young artist in the industry without people dumping on you, calling your work rubbish and telling you “Your work is a joke” As nowadays online is the way to go, they have no choice but to jump in….

As I deal with art students on a daily basis I know they get discouraged by this so I have created an initiative called “Let’s do it different”

If you are responsible for a Blog, Website, Forum, YouTube channel or any other platform where people can “dump on others” then please leave a below saying :

“We will not tolerate bullying, racism, sexism and any other disrespectful behavior”

Leave a link to your website where you have posted this pledge.

The link to your pledge will be shared on http://www.mhtutorialsyoutube.com

Please share, thank you !

Mike Hermes
MH Tutorials
3D artist, YouTuber


Creators that support the initiative :
Drago Creations : www.dragocreations.com

Get real-life looking rigged character models for free !

If you are like me you model pretty much anything in 3D with the exception of characters.

But that doesn’t mean that you never need characters in your scene, specially rigged ones. Sometimes your scene is simply not complete without a character in it

Well I came across a website that you guys need to check out.
It offers a number of fully rigged characters, completely free. They also have Non-Rigged posed characters to put in your scene as well ( not free )

You can choose man, woman or child, ethnicity , pose etc, etc.

Now not all models are free but some are so check them out.

LINK to website