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Over the years live action and animated films have merged into a hybrid mode of movie making. And it is increasingly rare nowadays to find a movie that has no element of computer animation or manipulation in it.

And as such it has provided a wider palet for talented people that create to use this hybrid medium to bring their story to life.

One of them is my dear friend Richard Bazley, an Emmy nominated and award winning 3D artist, producer and director.
He has worked for most major studios such as Disney, Warner and Sony and is currently Producer / Director at Predawn films and Company Director at GBK Hybrid


Here is a short list of productions he worked on as a 3D artist :

–  Who framed Roger Rabbit
–  Pocahontas
– Hercules
– Tarzan
– The Iron Giant

If you want to know more about Richard and his career please check out this video by The Filmmakers Workshop

Now Richard, with his impressive ( 3D ) animation background,  has taken the step towards live action film and will be directing this film together with GaryYoung ( )

Gary Young shot two Feature Films, “Left Handed”, which won Best Feature at L’Aquila International Film Festival, Italy: Best Feature at the Milan Film Festival as well as Best Feature Film at the Japan Film Festival Los Angeles. His second Feature was officially selected at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

And his exciting project that you can be part of is called Predawn. 

Introducing Sam Kirkpatrick and his dog Tyson

It is a heartwarming love story yet gritty film set in the World of the homeless. As well as creating a compelling film their intention is to raise awareness of homelessness and really show their plight yet their dignity. Their main performer Sam Kirkpatrick was raised through care homes and was homeless for 6 years before he was able to pull himself up and out of that World. Music was his salvation.


The whole film will be shot in a “Cinema Verite” style on the streets of Manchester. It takes place between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am which is condensed into 1 and a half hours for the purpose of our film. A simple love story but gritty film it is loosely based an a real life event. A young girl goes to catch the last train home but misses it. To kill time she goes for a walk not realising what a bad area she’s in. A young homeless lad realises she is in danger and escorts her to a nearby Cafe where she will be safe until the morning. However he has to attend to his dog the other side of town but says he will be back in the early hours to escort her safely back to catch the morning train. As he heads off they communicate via social media and we get to know both characters. The homeless lad is tough as nails (ex street fighter) yet his posts show a character with depth and sensitivity. Whilst travelling back he encounters a number of hurdles one from his Nemesis, a thug who rules the streets through his lackeys. He communicates purely through a mobile phone they carry and via Skype.
Title of the film “Predawn” and meaning. In one of his posts he shows a video of sea horses dancing in a mating ritual called the Predawn Dance which can last up to 8 hours approximately the length in which this film takes place. They are similarly playing out a courtship ritual which all takes place predawn.

( All profits from the film will go to Homeless Charities and Homeless causes. )

The project has a number of goals related to funding and you can be part of this for as little as GBP 1,-

The project have several targets. 20k, 30k, 50k and 100k

£20k  They are on their way to making the film but will need to pull in a couple of private investors to plug the gap

£30k This is their lowest ideal and doable but for their highest production values they need to get to their next stretch goal

£50k They can make the film. Now it is all about what level of production values. They can make it at the cost without additional investors

£100k This is the Rolls Royce choice. They can make the film with all the bells and whistles, cranes, the works.


Ranging from £1 to hundreds of pounds to thousands. We start with digital downloads of postcards of artwork, certificates, to A3 and A2 posters designed by one of the Directors Richard Bazley and Graffiti artists from the capital of Graffiti Bristol. Also on offer fine prints by Gary Young of photography on the streets as well as stills from the film and shoot.

Support the creation of this film, the homeless causes that will benefit from the profits and
while you are at it, become a part of this.


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