Hi, I”m Mike and I am a 3D Artist, Photography and avid traveler….

My name is Mike Hermes and I am the owner of MH Tutorials, a YouTube channel dedicated to 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation tutorials.
I created MH Tutorials so that people who do not have the means to learn 3D will
still have access and will be able to learn, free of charge.
Here is a link to my YouTube channel MH Tutorials

If you are more into Photography, Film or FX
you can check out my other channel, MH Tutorials 2

If you want to chill with other MH Tutorials viewers then you can apply to become
a member of the MH Tutorials HOG ( Hang Out Group ) on FaceBook

If you are a company, potential sponsor or fellow YouTuber and you want to talk business
you can e-mail me directly at :


For snail mail / packages : Please send to :
MH Tutorials
P.O. Box 1000
Unit E23
2260 BA Leidschendam
The Netherlands


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  1. Hi,Mike. Thanks for the great videos. One question about Keyshot. I import my meshes and apply materials like you do in the videos. Renders look good. But, when I export it out and into an animation program, no materials are there. How do I export so that the materials will still be there?
    Thank you for your help and keep the videos coming!



  2. Hey Mike, love the tutorials have followed several of yours already!

    I had a browse through but I couldn’t find a tutorial that had anything to do with modelling an elevator in Maya, so sorry for posting if you do, I’m looking into modelling a freight elevator with working grate door rigged, and movement up and down a shaft for export into Unity. Would this be something you could do? I wasn’t sure if you had a specific method for requests either through YouTube I had a look around before landing here 🙂

    Here’s a link to a youtube vid of someone who rigged a door I was looking at having for the elevator

    If you can help out that would be awesome! If not that’s fair enough 🙂

    Either way thanks in advance!


  3. He Mike I’m a Youtuber looking for an animator free (Unless I make money off the video then you will make at least 80% of the money) I can give you a shout out but it would be a music video for my fans but my email is (15 IS a young age I know) just email me or I might email you first


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