Sign up form H.O.G.


H.O.G. Is the “invite only” MH Tutorials Hang Out Group” on Facebook.
It is a place to hang out, learn and share. A safe haven for all to discuss tricks of the trade, network and have fun.

We have all levels from students to veterans and all members are treated equally and with respect.

There are no fees to be part of our group, it is 100% free.

In order to ensure that our members are in the group for all the right reasons we ask that you fill out the details below. A group moderator will review your application ( usually within hours )


Like any mini society our group has some rules :

1. If you are new to the group, please introduce yourself
2. Credit where credit is due, only show your own work or give credit to the original artist.
3. In this group there is no discrimination in any way, shape or form.
4. We don’t do politics or religion here
5. Teach others if you can ( share knowledge )
6. Learn from others ( share knowledge )
7. Work hard, be creative and have fun !
8. All communication is done in English, regardless where you are from
9. No off topic posts please
10. If you don’t agree with a post, don’t get into it, just report it and the moderators will have a look
11. Do not talk about or encourage people to use Illegal software.
12. All members can invite new members but only moderators can approve them.