Animation for beginners, a must read !


Animation for Beginners

Animation For Beginners is an Amazon #1 Best Seller, written by Morr Meroz, founder of Bloop Animation.

I basically wrote the book I wish I had when I was starting up with animation. It has all the information a person needs to find their way towards starting a career in animation. It covers all the different types of animation and basic animation principles. It comes with a complete hardware and software guide (for 2D, 3D and stop motion), must-have books as well as a detailed list of the best animation schools with all their information.

The book comes with the Animation For Beginners Course (15 HD video lessons) for those who prefer to watch rather than read.


Q: How can I speed up the camera on my demo reel in Autodesk Maya ?

Q: I have followed your tutorial and create a rotation demo reel for my 3D models. But my question is, how can I speed up the movement of the camera ? ( link to original tutorial below )

A: Well, In the situation as set in the video the turntable is not rotating, but a camera is rotating around the stationary turntable.

So if a full rotation is 360 degrees and your total number of frames in your animation is for example 240 frames then that tells you that a 360 degree rotation takes 240 frames.

Now 24 frames is approx 1 second of animation. So if you want to speed up the camera you need to adjust the number of frames needed to go full circle.