MH Tutorials is looking for a new partner…

MH Tutorials has been creating online content since 2014 and currently reaches well
over 500,000 people every month in the 3D movie, game and product development industry. ( and the channel is growing fast )

Per upcoming July 1st MH Tutorials is looking for a new and exclusive channel partner
to work together on promoting your product and or brand in the New Media world and at the same time enabling MH Tutorials to do what we do.

If you are interested please contact me via : E-Mail

How to get FREE LUT’s, install them in Photoshop and used them

In my latest tutorial I will show you how you can get a bunch of free LUT’s ( Look Up Tables ) , how to install them and use them in Photoshop on you image.

LUT’s are basically presets that will allow you to color correct / color grade your image in “one click” giving it a certain look like Vintage, Wild West, SciFi etc.

Here are the links to the free LUT’s

9 Free LUT’s on

4 Free LUT’s on

7 Free LUT’s on

7 Free LUT’s on

1 Free LUT on Frank Glencairn’s website  ( This is the one we used in the tutorial )

Here is a link to my MH Tutorial 1 channel  ( 3D Modeling & Animation )
Here is a link to my MH Tutorial 2 channel  ( Photo, Film & FX )