MH Tutorials hits 75.000 subscribers on YouTube

I posted my very first video onΒ  YouTube in December of 2013.
The thought behind it ? Pass on what I have learned.
Now after almost 5 years, 900 videos and some 10.5 million views I can honestly say it was a very good idea.

It seems that a lot of people need instructional videos in plain English when it comes to 3D instruction.
And that is why I am so happy with this milestone of 75.000 subscribers.

And to mark this occasion I have just posted this video announcing a massive giveaway, so DO NOT miss it !


What PC to buy for 3D modeling and Animation ?


As a free lance 3D artist ( spending most of my time creating free 3D modeling tutorials on YouTube ) I don’t have the budget to go out and get a $ 25,000 system to work on ( I wish )

So I, like probably many of you, am on a budget and need to pick and choose to compile a system that works for me. Now one of the questions I get most from my YouTube viewers is “what are your system specs?”

So I decided to share my new system specs. Hopefully this will help you in your buying decisions πŸ™‚

** In situations where I could not find the links to the exact same products I went with the closest possible.

3D Control : SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit
3D Mouse : SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit ( AutoCAD mouse )
Backup Mouse :
Sharkoon FireGlider Laser 3D Mouse
2 x Monitor 27 Inch :
Video Card
NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB Video card
RAM Memory
4 x 16GB RAM 3000Mhz ( 64GB Total )
Cooler Master Storm Trooper casing
Corsair ML-120 Red Pro Case Fans
MSI X99A SLI Krait Motherboard
CPU / Processor
Intel i7 Hasswell Core 6850k CPU
Cooling system
Corsair Hydro series H80i V2 Water cooled
Power Supply
Corsair CX750M 750 Watts
HDD Number 1
3TB HDD Western Digital
HDD Number 2
MX 300 525GB Solid State Drive
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