How to get free render vouchers

Hi all ! I have some cool news……
You know how I posted a tutorial a few days ago on how to get free ( rigged ) 3D models at Renderpeople ?
I will put the link in in case you missed it


It turns out that my sponsor RebusFarm and Renderpeople know each other. So what’s the deal ?

If you get models from Renderpeople ( even FREE ones !! ) RebusFarm will give away cool stuff. Check it out !

When downloading a FREE model, everyone gets a RebusFarm voucher. The voucher is worth 35 Renderpoints for new users and 25 Renderpoints for users.

When purchasing models, people also get vouchers depending on how many they buy:
Buy 8+ Renderpeople → Renderpoints worth 50€
Buy 16+ Renderpeople → Renderpoints worth 100€
Buy 24+ Renderpeople → Renderpoints worth 150€

Isn’t that cool ? Thanks Rebusfarm 🙂


So how does a Render Service work ?

So what is a render services, how does it work and what do they do ? Big Animation studios use Render Services right ? And it’s very expensive, right ? Wrong ! Even if you are just working off your laptop at home it can still be beneficial for you to use a render service. This could shorten your render time from weeks to hours.

Interview with MH Tutorials

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Nadine Obst at RebusFarm where she interviewed me about the how and what behind me doing 3D models and creating 3d modeling and animation tutorials. If you are interested in reading it, you can find the link to the interview below.


Here’s a link to the full interview LINK


Great news !

Hi everyone !I am super excited to share some great news with you guys,

MH Tutorials has found the perfect match for a channel sponsor.

They are………..


Rebusfarm ( ) is the primary “go to” company when it comes to rendering your 3D animation.
With 3000 CPU’s at their disposal and the ability to support a wide range of 3D applications their goal and mission is to close the gap that exists in the render service market today.

I am looking forward to work with the RebusFarm team to come up with new and exciting things that will appeal to the 3D modeling and Animation community !


Mike Hermes

MH Tutorials



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