How to get free render vouchers

Hi all ! I have some cool news……
You know how I posted a tutorial a few days ago on how to get free ( rigged ) 3D models at Renderpeople ?
I will put the link in in case you missed it


It turns out that my sponsor RebusFarm and Renderpeople know each other. So what’s the deal ?

If you get models from Renderpeople ( even FREE ones !! ) RebusFarm will give away cool stuff. Check it out !

When downloading a FREE model, everyone gets a RebusFarm voucher. The voucher is worth 35 Renderpoints for new users and 25 Renderpoints for users.

When purchasing models, people also get vouchers depending on how many they buy:
Buy 8+ Renderpeople → Renderpoints worth 50€
Buy 16+ Renderpeople → Renderpoints worth 100€
Buy 24+ Renderpeople → Renderpoints worth 150€

Isn’t that cool ? Thanks Rebusfarm 🙂


So how does a Render Service work ?

So what is a render services, how does it work and what do they do ? Big Animation studios use Render Services right ? And it’s very expensive, right ? Wrong ! Even if you are just working off your laptop at home it can still be beneficial for you to use a render service. This could shorten your render time from weeks to hours.

Great news !

Hi everyone !I am super excited to share some great news with you guys,

MH Tutorials has found the perfect match for a channel sponsor.

They are………..


Rebusfarm ( ) is the primary “go to” company when it comes to rendering your 3D animation.
With 3000 CPU’s at their disposal and the ability to support a wide range of 3D applications their goal and mission is to close the gap that exists in the render service market today.

I am looking forward to work with the RebusFarm team to come up with new and exciting things that will appeal to the 3D modeling and Animation community !


Mike Hermes

MH Tutorials